The Hydra Onion website is the largest trading platform in Russia and CIS countries, where you can buy everything from drugs to weapons, fake money and forged documents.

What you need to know a beginner – instructions to the treasure trove

In addition, many users can find work on Hydra, becoming cladmen, chemists, etc. Becoming a treasure trove, many newcomers may have a simple, but at the same time the pressing question – how to properly pick up a treasure trove with drugs and at the same time not light up?

Recommendations for the cladman

Sellers, experienced hoarders and Hydra specialists recommend following recommendations to help you pick up a treasure and avoid getting caught. Consider the hoard extraction scheme:

  • Do not go to pick up the treasure with a mobile phone, which dropped the coordinates and photos of the treasure. It is better to take a tablet or other "left" device, to throw coordinates and photos of the area there (best to remember) and only then go in search (messengers at the request of the authorities can merge information about the upcoming "case");
  • Arriving at the place where the treasure is hidden, it is not necessary to immediately go in search of it. You should take a close look, walk around the area and explore the situation. The presence of outsiders "smoking" on the sidelines may indicate an observation of your actions. In such a situation, the removal of the treasure is better postponed;
  • If there are strangers at the site of the "burial" to assess their appearance – representatives of the Interior Ministry, these are typical guys, under the age of 35, without any foreign objects (bags, backpacks, badges, etc.);
  • If there is no apparent cause for concern, visually it is necessary to find the place of the treasure. If this does not work, it is recommended to palpate the area of the lie, but not touching the package. It should be pretended that the treasure is removed and move away from the place for 100-150 meters. If your actions were monitored, the Interior Ministry officers will quickly catch up with you and search you. There will be no treasure in your face, and therefore you will have nothing to show;
  • Don't take the treasure alone. Always take with you 1-2 comrades who in the process of removing the treasure can shoot everything on video – in case of trouble, such material can help in court proceedings;
  • If everything around the treasure is normal, but there is a sense of doubt in the soul – you should leave. "Chuika" is a natural gift that rarely fails in the process of adrenaline.

Using these recommendations of treasure hunters from the Hydra site, you can become a real specialist, earning a lot of money without making much effort.

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