Hydra is the largest platform for the sale and purchase of illegal goods and services for which you can be prosecuted. As in a simple online store, Hydra often has disputes between customers and sellers, leading to scandals and clarifying relationships.

Communication on Hydra – how to achieve the goal?

How to talk to the customer with the seller, what to solve the situation and at best to stay with your money? There are a number of simple recommendations that will help resolve the dispute in favor of the client and return the funds in case of marriage or deception.

Consider the basic tips of experienced buyers:

  • Even in the most unpleasant situation it is not necessary in correspondence to rude the seller, insult him, etc. In such a situation, the hydra administration resolves disputes in favor of the seller, considering the client simply an inadequate person;
  • When receiving a parcel, it is recommended that you record your actions on a video or camera. This will allow evidence of dishonesty to be gathered;
  • In the event of a conflict, there is no need to swear at the seller. Create an application that indicates the reason for the case, evidence (photo and video);
  • The administration of the project independently (and quickly) will solve the controversial issues and in case of a decision in favor of the client, return the cryptocurrency to his account, and the seller will receive a ban.

Hydra's website is interested in the development of the project and helps its customers to solve all issues related to the poor quality of products or with deception. To find out the seller's reasons for "undersupply" or to address him with a claim, it is enough to ask your questions in the chat. It is not recommended to throw unsubstantiated accusations, because the seller may not be to blame for what happened.

Summing up

A normal seller will never risk a trading platform on a popular platform, and beg for a ban because of one disgruntled customer. All issues with the seller can be solved without the intervention of the site administration – it is polite enough to explain the problem and solve it with a representative of the store. In most cases, the client simply returns the money.

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