Thor browser is a popular program that gives access to the Darknet, and in particular to a trading platform such as Hydra. This browser, although not happy with the high speed of work, high-quality functionality, etc., but with its help you can easily explore the Darknet and not be afraid for the fact that your activity will be monitored by the special services and will monitor you.

Download the Tor browser – what do you need to know the user?

To gain unlimited access to sites such as Hydra, the user needs to install a Tor browser. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • We run any browser and go to the presented link (;
  • This link will be redirected to the browser's official website;
  • Before you click on the Download, you need to choose the language that displays all the information in your browser;
  • After that, you need to download the browser and wait for the installation process to be completed;
  • Open the downloaded file and choose the installation language;
  • We activate the process of installing the program;
  • Once the installation process is complete, you need to press the Ready key.

Once the Thor browser is successfully installed on your PC, you can visit the famous Hydra trading platform and purchase goods and services not available to the average user. The Tor-browser is pleased that it carefully encrypts the user's data, which does not allow law enforcement agencies to track suspicious activity in the network.

What is the TOR?

In fact, the Tor browser is almost no different from similar programs, only its search engines collected sites and resources such as Hydra, where you can buy goods. Services or get a job in about criminal structures. At the same time, the complete anonymity of the user is maintained, which allows you to quietly sell and buy products that are not available to mere mortals.

The only point is that the Tor browser is slower than the same Chrome or Yandex, which can cause a number of inconveniences. But, everything is compensated by reliable protection of personal data.