To successfully trade and sell goods and services on the Hydra trading platform, the user will have to acquire a cryptocurrency.

Why cryptocurrency?

Bitcoins – the first and most stable cryptocurrency, the actions with which it is impossible to track the representatives of law enforcement agencies, which makes it ideal for trading in the "grey" market, where you can buy drugs, weapons, etc.

To get bitcoins, there are two ways – you can buy them, working on the cryptocurrency exchange (you need a powerful PC or laptop, able to work for a long time in a forced mode) or just find an exchanger, and exchange rubles for bitcoins at a favorable rate.

Exchangers – where to look for them?

Today, hundreds, if not thousands of websites offering exchange of rubles for cryptocurrency work on the Internet. As noted by experienced users, among them there are both "decent offices" and fraudsters, fraudulently pulling money out of the pockets of gullible customers.

It is noteworthy that there will be nowhere to complain, while the user himself will not be able to even get to this site, because it will simply be banned. What's to be done? To find a proven exchanger, there are several proven ways that are sure to help get the cherished cryptocurrency:

  • Visit the BestChange website, which presents a list of 121 exchangers, where you can really exchange money for bitcoins at favorable rates with 100% guarantee;
  • Visit thematic forums and learn from users working with cryptocurrency, where and how to find reliable exchangers;
  • The third option is the easiest – to turn to Hydra specialists for help, which will help to find a service that allows you to change money on the crypt.

Any of the chosen methods will allow you to find a suitable service that allows you to exchange money profitably. After receiving bitcoins, you can safely go to Hydra through the Tor browser, top up your account on the site and choose the goods and services that you need at the moment.


In case of problems with replenishment of the account, it is recommended to contact Hydra specialists in the chat for help – this will quickly solve the problems.