Various cryptocurrencies are very popular today, such means of payment have two main advantages. First, when using cryptocurrency and the payer and recipient of the cryptocurrency is guaranteed anonymity. Secondly, when the cryptocurrency is transferred to hydra (even a very large sum), the transfer fee is minimal.

However, complete anonymity is the main advantage of cryptocurrencies. For this reason, these payment funds are actively used to pay for illegal goods and services.

goods on hydra

If we consider the Russian market, the cryptocurrency is actively used for the sale of narcotic substances and raw materials for their production, purchase of stolen databases, fake diplomas and so on. At the same time, the most popular marketplace for the sale of illegal services and goods is Hydra.

This service does not work like classic marketplaces:

  • There is no classical delivery system, the goods are delivered using the so-called bookmark system. In fact, after the purchase of the goods, the seller places it in a safe place, and then transfers the coordinates of the location of the goods (bookmarks) to the buyer. The approximate place of the bookmark is usually specified in advance.
  • There is no classical system for the return of goods. Given the specifics of delivery and transfer of goods, it is not possible to return or exchange goods as it is done in classic stores. Therefore, before the transaction the terms of return or exchange are usually negotiated by the buyer and seller in advance.
  • All parties maintain complete anonymity. It is important to understand that working with goods prohibited for sale by legislation and related services is always a certain level of risk. The hydrova and the buyer can get into the sight of law enforcement agencies, and if a criminal case is opened, the only way to protect yourself is to minimize the amount of evidence. Guarantee the absence of evidence can only be completely anonymous, it is better that neither side knows anything about each other.

Therefore, for transactions the usual wills here do not use, the most running means of payment is cryptocurrency in particular bitcoin. You can deposit money into your account by transferring money from a card or bank account. But for transactions it is already necessary to use bitcoins.

Summing up

You can purchase them using any of the exchangers of the recommended hydra, or transfer from your wallet bitcoin to a hydra account tied to the site. As soon as bitcoins appear on your account, you can buy products that are interested in you, as you see everything quite simply.