Hydra is an official trading platform with "shadow" products that can be purchased bypassing laws and excessive attention of law enforcement agencies. On this platform there are thousands of stores where you can buy anything from drugs to weapons.

Entrance to Hydra without TOR

Many users are concerned about the question – is it possible to go to the site Hydra without downloading the Tor browser? Hydra's official website can be accessed without a Tor browser, but the risks of losing your personal data or money from an account increase significantly.

It is worth pointing out at once that the Hydra marketplace is open 24 hours a day, without holidays and weekends. Here are some services to get around the lock:

  • Find an actual mirror. This option is the easiest way to get to the trading floor through a regular browser. But! Suspicious user activity can attract the attention of law enforcement agencies, which is fraught with consequences;
  • Proxies. In this case, the user is invited to buy a proxy, which will hide their data and quietly buy and sell on Hydra. The only negative is that the proxy owner will see the user's data and can use it as he sees it;
  • VPN – setting up this service, the user can safely visit the official site Hydra, without fear for the safety of their data. But, this service is paid and connects for a limited time.

To securely make deals on Hydra, it's a good idea to install a Tor browser that can be used to protect yourself from outside attention and possible problems with the law. The Thor installation procedure will only take a few minutes.

Summing up

With it, you can safely go to sites like Hydra, without fear that the account will be hacked, and all funds from the personal account will be debited to third parties. The ability to find Hydra through simple search engines greatly simplifies the buying/selling process.