Regular visitors to the Hydra site are people who do not need extra attention, especially from law enforcement agencies. The activity of such a store as Hydra, hidden from outsiders – the site is not found in simple search engines, and even more so, it will be impossible to study the range of products without registering on the official version of the site through the Tor browser.

How the magnet works

The Hydra marketplace presents goods and services for a certain range of people who are used to hiding in the "shadow" and purchase products in the "grey zone". This can include weapons, drugs, forged documents, account hacking services, etc.

Variations of "parcels"

After buying the item, the customer can not get it with a simple parcel in the mail – there are several ways to pass the goods to him, one of which is a magnet.

The way the "goods" are transferred from Hydra is bookmarks. They come in three types:

  • The excavations are buried in the ground;
  • Magnets – a bookmark with a magnet inside to attach to metal surfaces;
  • Caches – bookmarks hidden in a prominent place.

Magnets are a simple but effective way to pass the product on to the customer. After the "goods" are laid, the place of attachment is photographed and the customer is sent the coordinates of the parcel's location. After the "burial", the client receives all the necessary information on his Telegram, and can safely travel to the specified place to pick up the parcel.

Collaboration with Hydro – benefits

This method of cooperation with Hydra stores has proved its validity for years. In such a situation, the client does not need to meet with the courier in person, reducing the risks to a minimum. You just need to come, pick up the "magnet", notify about the receipt of goods and quietly go about their business, enjoying the purchase.


The attractiveness of the "magnet" is also that it can be easily hidden in the city – "stick" to the trash can, fix on the mailbox, to the urn, etc. Find such caches simply, do not need to scour the woods or the field. This approach allows the customer to get the cherished product, the seller – reputation, and the site Hydra – new customers who will return to the site.

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